IPR Cell


Intellectual Property Right

The creations of human mind like artistic work, symbols, inventions and designs are covered under the umbrella term – Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). These creations must be protected for recognition and financial benefits.

Looking into the need of present scenario, the College has established its IPR cell with the following objectives:


  • To create an awareness and to know about IPR for teachers and students of the college
  • To conduct seminars, conference and workshops on IPR
  • To impart knowledge on patents, filing procedure in India and other countries
  • To impart training on copyright and trademarks
  • To encourage faculty members and scholars for patentable/copyright work

The college recognizes the intellectual property created by the faculty and student and is making efforts to protect the same. The college will frame its own IPR policy by following the guidelines of National IPR policy and the affiliating University.


Year 2019-2020

Extension Lecture: An extension lecture on Intellectual Property Rights was organized on 25th January 2020. Prof. Umesh Banakar, President, Banakar Consulting Services, USA was the resource person. Prof. Banakar highlighted that significance and protection of intellectual properties.

Year 2020-2021
Year 2021-2022
Year 2022-2023