Student’s Mentor System

The college has adopted a well established system to mentoring the students. In order to resolve day to day academic problems of the students, mentors are appointed for a batch of 50 Students. The main objectives to implement mentoring system in the college are- to monitor the student’s regularity & discipline, to enable the parents to know about the performance & regularity to their wards, to develop positive relationship between the teacher and student for solving their problems and counseling students for solving their problems and provide confidence to improve their quality of life and guiding students to choose right career for job, higher studies and entrepreneurship etc. The mentors meet the students associated with them once in a fifteen day. A separate mentoring hour is maintained for each class as part of their time table and the respective faculty meets the students in the said hour. The mentors prepare the monthly attendance of every students for each section and if a student is absent for more than 10 days continuously, then mentor calls the parents of that students to enquire the reason and advices them to take care of their ward.

Students Mentor System
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