College library has its own importance in higher education. It helps in broadening the range of knowledge and information to teachers and students. Our college library has tried its level best to provide the necessary material to all the components of the college and looked after the quantitative & qualitative growth in library facilities. A Library Committee of eight members is constituted for taking decisions on matters regarding purchasing of books, subscription of periodicals, and upliftment of library services.

The library is fully air-conditioned and Wi-Fi enabled. We are also associated with other college libraries under the interlibrary loan facility – to access the information through Developing Library Network (DELNET). It is very useful for accessing e-books, e-journals, e-theses & dissertation and e- articles. The library is linked with Koha Library Management Integrated Software with a bar-coding of books. More than 41000 books, 28 Magazines 15 Newspapers, 11 recognized Journals, College Magazines, Project Reports, and Old Question Papers are available in the library. Book-Bank facility is also available for merit holders and needy students.


Dr. Chitra Sharma
Mrs Anju Thaman
Mrs Sunaina Dhigra
Mr. Harish Kumar
Library Assistant
Library Assistant
M.Phil., Ph.D
B.Lib., M.Lib


All Working Day (Excluding  Sunday and  Gazetted Holiday)
In Summer and Winter Vacation
9.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m.
9.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m.


 General Rules

  • Only enrolled students are allowed to enter the college library on the strength of a valid Identity Card which must be produced as and when it is demanded by the library staff.
  • Complete silence must be maintained in and near the library.
  • Students should not bring any electronic instruments like Headphone, Mobile Phone and also not allowed to bring any eatable items inside the library.
  • Using the Cell Phone in the library is strictly prohibited.
  • All cases of the violation of rules will be reported to the Principal for suitable action.
  • In case of any inquiry, users can approach to the Librarian.
  • At the time of examination, students have to acquire no dues certificate from library.
  • Infringement of the library rules will result in the withdrawal of the library membership.
  • Student will be allowed to appear in the examination after getting the no dues certificate from library.
  • Alumnus and outsider will only be allowed to use the library with the permission of Principal / Chairman.


Circulation Rules

  • Library books will only be issued to regular students of the college.
  • Library books will be issued to regular students of the college only for fourteen days on the Library Cards.
  • Reference books, Journals, Magazines and News Papers will not be allowed for home lending. .
  • A fine of Rs- 01/- will be charged for every day of delay in returning the books.
  • In case of shortage of selected titled book, librarian has the authority to demand the book from the student.
  • Journals, Magazines, Project Reports and Old Question Paper are only permitted to read in the library reading room.
  • At the time of examination, Students can get the books on Cash Security System and books must be returned within seven days of the examination, otherwise he/she will be fined.
  • At the time of issuing the book from the library, the student must check himself / herself that the book is not damaged and the pages are not missing or torn. In case if any, it must be brought to the knowledge of the library staff.
  • At the time of returning the book in the library if-
    • the book is lost or damaged by the students or the pages are missing from the book then the student shall have to submit latest edition of same book.
    • in case of lose of rare book  e  not  easily available in market, the student shall have to pay  the current price of book.



Library has developed the following set of best practices for library to ensure quality enhancement in education-


  • Inclusion of stakeholders in collection development of library.
  • Organize training program for library staff with in the college and time to time motivate them to participation in other training program organized by other institution and organization.
  • Provide accessibility of e-Journal, e-Books, e-Articles and e-Thesis & Dissertation through different modules to Faculty and Students in the library.
  • Facilitate the Wi-Fi facility for Students and Staff in library and to make them aware about the E-contents usage
  • Organized and Displayed Motivational Books and Biographies to inculcate reading habit among students and faculty members
  • Regularly interacted with the faculty members regarding existing services and future strategies for upliftment of library services..
  • Regularly maintained the college and library records like brochure /prospectus /webpage etc.
  • Delivered regularly Library Awareness Lecture to students to make them aware about the use of library resources and latest technologies to enhance their learning.
  • Organized weekly ‘Book Corner’ activity for students and faculty to introductory new arrivals for inculcate the reading habits.
  • Regularly facilitate the students with latest Job Alerts and Admission Notice